Business continuity recovery strategy options

When recommending possible response and business continuity recovery strategy options to a business continuity steering committee, information comes from two sources.

Before a strategy option can be proposed, the planning team must understand continuity recovery objectives, order of recovery, interdependencies and assumptions. This information is developed during the BIA process. After recovery objectives and associated considerations are outlined, the actual strategy can be developed.

Whether the focus is on crisis management, business resumption or information technology, strategy options are developed based on industry practices and in some cases, vendor recommendations.

Industry trade shows, peer group discussion and experience will all factor into the development of a list of strategy options, as well as high-level implementation and maintenance cost estimates.

When combined, the BIA and strategy design process will provide all elements of the cost- benefit analysis, which will aid in the decision-making process.

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    Business continuity recovery should be effective recovery time objective

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