About us

Thank you for visiting our about us page. My name is Justin, the webmaster of Business-Competence.com. My background is Economics and Finance. I'm a Certified Public Accountant.

I work in the manufacturing sector as an internal auditor. Every now and then I come across a new method, a new idea or a success story about a business. As an auditor whose main aim is to add value, I must of necessity understand every client's business to be able to critic it and make any recommendation.

Besides my finance background, I have a passion for the internet and have always looked for an opportunity to utilize it in a bigger way than just google searching, checking my mail or posting on my facebook wall. I like the fact that information is being accessed faster and faster in the world each day as more innovative minds keep discovering better ways to communicate.

After some research I figured out how I could share information with people looking for ideas I get from my phenomenal experience of rubbing shoulders managers, accountants, engineers, salesmen, lines men the list is endless.....I chose to start business-competence whose ultimate goal is to collect together business management information, tools and skills that can be used by managers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to my knowledge, I occasionally make effort to reach out to financial experts from established institutions like The Institute of Internal Auditors, ICPA, SEC among others for ideas that would make an impact to my visitors.

Visitors too, usually have something not in the business books but exceptionally useful to other visitors. For this purpose I have created a page where a visitor can upload his own page or create a blog on anything about business.Upload your own page here….

The main idea is to provide cutting edge business management information all in one place. If you would like to know more about business-competence.com or have a question please post it here…. If you want to know more about us contact me here