The intelligent investor

The intelligent investor is a cunning and shrewd businessman. He is most of the time not only a former average student but also likely to be less interested to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He lets his money do it for him.

However most of these kind of people are self made billionaires. Their language is simple, what is my return on investment (ROI)? ROI is all they care to know. They wear the bankers mindset.

They hire A students for employees or professionals like lawyers, accountants, architects among others for advice. They share their dream with the sharp minds get the advice and pay them off.

Since this group of people care about ROI, they are least hit by the taxes. When considering the returns they deduct taxes when evaluating a deal. They look at net income and not gross income. All what matters to them is net returns.

Investors understand one very important thing about markets, that all markets move up, come down and move sideways. All what they need to do is have investment strategies for all the three market directions.

They make money when markets are going up, down or side ways. They have mastered the markets and developed strategies on how to adapt in any market bullish, bearish or stagnant.

While novices, mostly employees and self employed yell at the market prices coming down, investors go to the other side and make money with their alternative strategies. They get richer when others go bankrupt.

The last important point about professional investors is that they don’t enter in to a deal without guarantee of getting their money back. They always engage the insurance to protect their money in case their investment crumbled.

This class should be the ultimate place for any business man or woman.

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