Employee motivation and mind set

What is the ultimate employee motivation? Can you remember those words back then from your parents ‘ read hard, get good grades to get a secure job with retirement benefits. This is most employees’ mindset genesis. Get good grades to get that secure government job.

Most employees are were the sharp students in class simply the A students. They worked hard for their grades, were obedient and took instructions in class. Their values revolve around job security. Which organization hires and only retires? They avoid organizations that hire and fire.

On school completion this group get the jobs as promised by the parents. They assume big offices and initially they are happy. However, as the grow older expenditure increases at a higher speed than appraisals and reviews at work place do. The rat race sets in as they start family life due to medical insurance costs, school fees for the kids, housing among others.

At this point most people jump into debt traditionally through credit cards and costly mortgages hoping to make more from employment in future and payoff. When hoped salary does not come through, frustrations set in. Suddenly, they realize they have to invest. They take up the worst investment deals due to the hurry and need to make more money.

A few employees however make through the ranks meet their costs and payoff their debts. This looks good as long as it lasts. When the employer drops that bombshell in the name of restructuring, they are never ready to leave the offices they have felt secure with even when they get a handsome send home package.

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Employee motivation can make the best working team

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