How Safe: The Boss's Friends

by Baluka M. Liz

The boss and often those of us with the power to not only influence and make decisions but also command and implement those decisions or have others do it on our behalf, commonly blunder in regard to who we trust, with what, how much and when to stop trusting.

It is rare, that the seemingly loyal comrades and employees at the work place and at home are of any genuine intentions towards you. Think about this for a minute:

"How many of your Directors, partners and friends would, in case of a fire outbreak during a meeting, would prioritise along with their own lives, your safety more so if you are using a wheelchair at the time?"

Well, it would be expected and quite natural that these 'good buddies' would first vacate the building and probably only one of them would, ten minutes later remember that everyone left the boss trapped in the fire.

Meanwhile, while I might tolerate this parasitic loyalty, I wouldn't put up with a treacherous team of 'close business friends' much less take the next breath without first flushing them out or at least distance myself far enough from them.

Here's a common example: the boss is suddenly ill and all his good friends publicly show utmost compassion and understanding while secretly plotting to speed up your death, rob all your finances to the last penny and shamelessly justify it to the world with all their disgusting craftiness.

Well, don't we all want power, honour, wealth and leadership? Maybe yes, maybe not but you should always be mindful of potential envy from those closest to you because they know best where to hurt you worst!

God Bless You!

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