Control self assessment

Control self assessment or CSA is a process through which internal control effectiveness is examined and assessed. The objective is to provide reasonable assurance by those doing the work that all business objectives will be met.

The responsibility for the process is shared among all employees in an organization. CSA is conducted within a structured environment in which the process is thoroughly documented and, as an incentive for continuous improvement, is repeatable. The CSA allows management and work teams directly responsible for a business function to:

• Participate in the assessment of internal control.
• Evaluate risk.
• Develop action plans to address identified weaknesses.
• Assess the likelihood of achieving business objectives.

The IIA believes CSA generates information on internal control that is useful to management and internal auditors in judging the quality of control.

It can also positively influence the control environment. As operating staff buy into the process, control consciousness increases. Control self assessment is an ideal tool fo internal auditors judgment on quality of control.

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