Customer call handling

Call handling during a telephone conversation with a customer can be a daunting task sometimes.You have to be confident, responsive and friendly all with just your voice and your words.

To do this perfectly you have to be friendly and wear the right attitude. When you answer the phone give your name immediately, Example” Good morning, my name is Jack, how can I help you?”

And if a co-worker transfers a call to you and gives you the caller’s name, enthusiastically offer the customer a personal greeting: “Hello, Mr. Francis, this is Arnold. I understand you’re interested in our beauty products. How may I help you with that?”

Another great way to make the call more personal is by avoiding vague or general statements. Use the word “I” when you make promises or special offers, and use the word “you” when you tell customers what they can expect to receive.

A general statement such as “We will let you know” becomes more believable and reassuring when you tell your customer “I’ve asked my manager to schedule a call to you this morning.”

If you tell the customer “Someone will call to confirm,” the person might not feel confident in your promise. But when you tell the person “You’ll receive a call from our dispatcher this afternoon,” your customer knows just what to expect and when. Improper call handling in a business may lead to customer dissatisfaction.

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