Internal audit human resources needs

For a company’s processes appraisal function to be effective internal audit human resources should be adequately equipped with certain specific skills and qualities.

The team members should possess and demonstrate through their work, actions and communication of a number of traits, including, but not limited to:

• A commitment to and demonstration of competence in the field of internal auditing.

• Strong financial and operational background in accounting, IT, regulatory compliance or the industry in which a company operates

• Honesty and integrity

• Strong work ethic and attention to detail

Generally, internal auditors should develop and maintain a healthy level of professional skepticism and objectivity to clearly evaluate information and make judgments.

Also, internal audit professionals should have exceptional verbal and written communication skills and be proficient in negotiating and reasoning with a variety of people and groups over which internal auditor may have no formal authority.

Lastly, personal integrity, professional due diligence and curiosity are important traits for individuals tasked with conducting internal audit work.

It is of great importance for internal auditors to master new areas of expertise and knowledge of emerging or re-emerging issues.

This is often accomplished by attending internal and external training programs. Realizing the internal audit profession is continuously evolving a lot of research, would be best for internal auditors keeping abreast with new information emerging in regard to their industry.

Audit human resources team needs.

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