Employee performance management strategy

One of the best performance management strategy for employees is to enhance their enthusiasm on a daily basis. For instance to some employees Fridays look brighter than Mondays and most would wish Friday was swapped with Monday. Enthusiasm at work is critical to achieve more productivity and effective team.

When you act with enthusiasm, not only do you feel great but also the feeling rubs off on everyone around you. With that in mind, the following steps are useful in generating enthusiasm in yourself and in your co-workers:

1. Think positively. As you wake up in the morning, preparing yourself or riding the bus to work, think of the the day you have in front of you. Think doing what you like to do best, whether it’s working on particular projects or meeting with certain people. Perhaps it’s just a meeting that great friend you’re looking forward to. Imagining yourself doing the things you like will create a good mood at the day’s start.

2 Welcome challenges If you know that the day before you is going to be a difficult one, build your confidence by recounting some of you best days at work. How did you feel? What did you do? What did you say? That mental preparation will ready you to stand up to the challenge, and you will find it easier to be positive and enthusiastic.

3.Brighten up. Put excitement in your face and voice! When you greet your co-workers in the morning, speak a little louder than you usually do. Instead of mumbling a muffled “Good morning” as you shuffle to the coffeepot, stop, look the other person in the eye and say with a smile “Hey Joe, nice to see you. Great morning, isn’t it?” Joe will probably wonder what’s gotten into you, but he will also smile and respond in kind.

4. Make people smile. When you walk into teammates’ offices or work areas with a big smile on your face, the other people smile back. They can’t help it: A smile is contagious. So try this: All day today, every time you have to ask someone a question, just walk into the person’s workspace and stand there smiling for a few seconds. Then ask your question and see what kind of response you receive.

5. Look the part. When people are enthusiastic about something, they feel and look happy. Put bounce in your step and a gleam in your eye. Sit erect in your chair as you work.

6.Share your positive emotions. When you feel good about something or someone, express it. For example, you might greet your co-worker on Monday morning by sharing something like this: “I’m really enjoying working on this assignment with you, Sue. I’m learning a lot from you. I think our supervisor is going to be pleased with the results, too.”

Take the first steps toward cultivating an enthusiastic attitude now. Act with enthusiasm and you will become energized. And so will everyone around you.

Managers should use enthusiasm as performance management strategy to achieve high results from employees. In addition enthusiasm as a performance management strategy best works if coupled with other strategies like appraisals, promotion, salary increments among others. Good employee performance management strategy reduces customer dissatisfaction.

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